An Exoskeleton for Pediatric Walking Assistance

It assists walking

the SuitX Phoenix Exo

This is the project I did during my exchange at University of California, Berkeley. In this project, we cooperated with SuitX to redesign an exoskeleton that aids people with CP(cerebral palsy) disease.

We worked on creating a new configuration of exoskeleton hip joint that utilizes series elestic actuators(SEA). Compared to traditional harmonic drive(that rotates), SEA allows us to obtain the torque data and actuator position at the same time.

The work involved mechanical design and manufacturing, control algorithm and biomechanical engineering.

Mechanical Design of Hip Joint

This is how the hip joint looks like when actually mounted on the exoskeleton (the parts are CNC’ed and 3D-printed).
Hip Joint Mounted

And this is the animation I generated with our control algorithm:
Simulated Animation

For details of this project, check other posts.