Point Set Registration in Tangent Space

Rui Wang, Te Tang and Masayoshi Tomizuka

Welcome! This website supplements our ICRA 2019 submission Learn the Manipulation of Deformable Objects Using Tangent Space Point Set Registration, available right now at arxiv preprint.


Deformable object manipulation is an interesting topic in robotics. One very useful algorithm is learning from demonstration. A robot is trained to perform a certain task, for example cloth folding on a training cloth. It will learn to transfer the knowledge to a different cloth.

The key algorithm to realize this transfer is point set registration. However, traditional point set registration algorithms view an object as a bunch of discrete points, and may lead to overstretching or over-compression. In this paper, we proposed a new method where the point set registration is performed in tangent space. Tangent space point registration is able to avoid the problems of overstretching and over-compression, making the manipulation safe.

With this algorithm, we realized knot tying, rope straightening, cloth folding and unfolding in experimental settings. The algorithm proves robust and safe.

The manipulators are unfolding a piece of cloth