About Me

About Me

General Introduction

My name is Rui Wang, currently I am a senior student at Tsinghua University, studying Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. I studied at University of California, Berkeley fall 2017 as an exchange student.

I love robotics in general, and have a special interest in UAVs. I conducted undergraduate research at MSC Lab, working on robotic arm motion planning.

My detailed Resume can be downloaded here.

To view a list of my coursework, click here.

I am…

  • Vice president of MechE Student’s Association of Science and Technology
  • Vice president and formal fellow of Skyworks, a student association at Tsinghua focusing on technology innovation in UAVs and robotics
  • Selected fellow of the Spark Project at Tsingua University
  • Captain of MechE swimming team

I was…

  • Intern at Aptiv, worked on machine learning and computer vision in autonomous driving
  • Minister of MechE Student’s Association of Science and Technology, Division of Academic Affairs
  • Web maintainer and group leader of mechinfo.me, a student-based website and cloud service center for Mechanical Engineering undergraduates at Tsinghua


Feel free to contact me at 97wangrui@gmail.com!